Dynamic Spinal Off-loading brace…

The TechnoSpine TLSO-Scoliosis Brace has been specifically developed to reduce postural imbalance and pain in Adult Scoliosis patients.

The brace is a postural based device, designed to facilitate dynamic postural rehabilitation, with the aim of improving posture during its use and beyond. In turn, the ultimate aim of any postural improvement being to:

  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve Mobility
  • Reduce Degenerative Progression

Design Features…


  • Superstructure allows virtually unrestricted forward flexion
  • Inflatable Lumbar Pad improves Lumbar Lordosis
  • Large Lateral Pad improves spinal realignment without discomfort
  • Unique Tension Band System maintains optimal Pad position and pressure without unnecessary restriction of movement
  • BOA® Patented Technology allows precise adjustment by the user for optimal comfort and pain relief
  • FidLock® Patented Technology allows for ease of fastening and unfastening by even the most manually challenged patients
  • Posterior Draw-String adjustment with bilateral ergonomic pull loops for Lumbar Sacral Belt tensioning allows for:
    • Effortless tensioning by the patient
    • Optimal compression/support
    • Maximum stability
    • Optimal pain relief
  • Bilateral Trochanter Pads for optimal pelvic stability and even force distribution

Indications for Treatment

  • Scoliosis diagnosis
    • Degenerative Idiopathic onset or adult onset de novo Scoliosis
  • Pain related to Scoliosis
  • Poor Posture
  • History of progression
    • Worsening of Cobb angle(s)
    • Increase in Postural Deformity
    • Increasing Pain
    • Decreasing Mobility

Contra-Indications for Treatment

  • Constant and un-remitting pain
  • Inability to self-fit the brace
  • No significant postural deformity (sagittal and coronal imbalance)

Manufactured by:
The SpineCorporation Limited, Millennium House, Foxwood Road,
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 9RF, United Kingdom